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We do not criticize anyone's rule basis on breed and raising their dogs, we will only share our opinions. We start breed a sire after age of 
two, and dam at age of 3/4 years old. We thrive utmost in their health, assuring they get the chance to complete their development from 
puppy stage into adulthood without any health problems and illness. We like to be able to catch their faults before we start to breed them, to make sure the litter are born healthy and with quality. We do most of health inspect such as OFA, HD, DM, DNA, etc. We only keep two dams per one stud. WORD OF CAUTION: WE DO NOT SELL our puppies for show rings, they are sold as PET to the bachelor or family. We also DO not re home puppies until they are +8 weeks old! We breed the dams once every year and give them a chance to go through a normal cycle. We breed each dam at least 3-5 times throughout their lifespan. Also, WE DO NOT sell any adult dogs, once they are retire from breeding project. They stay with us all their life until they are deceased. They are born, raise under the same roof with us, to assure that puppies are supervised days/nights. Puppies are handle daily by all of us. Puppies will be feed with Puppy chow, then gradually to Sport Mix when it is their time to weaned off the puppy chow. Until they are re-home and will be given whatever their new owner(s) desire. Puppies will be provided with most or all of the list below:
1) Declaws
2) 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 weeks wormers
3) 6 weeks vaccinations
4) Pet/Full register paper(s)
5) Microchipped (optional)
6) Agreement paper (Signed)
7) Toy, collar and a pound of food
8) Photo of their first 8 weeks of growing up with us (usually are share through one or more communication devices, and post on
Puppies will be inspect and approved by Veterinarian before they are transferred to new home.

According to so many customers asking us about the condition of what we can do when it comes to the complications that force them unable to keep puppy/dog that was purchased from us. However, since the bill of sale was finalized and the puppy was purchased, money IS NOT REFUNDED at all, but S/He can be return to us with the paper signed by the buyer, stated that they agreed to surrendered puppy back to us to be re homed. 

We do air freight in the region of DFW (Dallas/Fort Worth), only when the seasons permit! The price are always up and down, depend on gas price, so the approximately charge of the ticket include carrier, health certificate and 2nd boost can run from +$200 and up.

We also do the ground shipping. We can ship local and outside of state on new owner's expense, or contact Maryann. You can check her website at this www.buckeyekennel.comPlease feel free to contact her. According to her rules, 2nd Boost, an Health certificate is also require to have before the delivery can be processed.  DVM Kelly Bruner charge $50 for health certificate and boost. IF you are considering one of the two choices, please include the price along with the puppy you are want to purchase!

Price may vary on each litter, depend on what are provided to them, usually we sell between $600-$1,500.

Please download, print, signed and have the bill of sale mailed, picture text, email to us and 
the deposit can be Walmart money transfer, western union, moneygram, or postal moneyorder to us.

​The form of payment is accepted through credit card, electric transferred through bank, stores such as
 Walmart MoneyGram, Western Union, paypal, POSTAL OFFICE money order, check, and 
cash. We also accept short-term payment, ask for more information. ALL form of the payment MUST be
clear before the puppy can be picked up/delivery!

    ​The important mission anyone can have according to raise this breed is to training/socializing puppy during their first year for a successful well-balanced adult dog. 
All of our dogs are socializing daily, they are NOT kenneled indoor and outdoor. They roam free on few fenced acres, along with other dogs, cats, horses, livestock and other animals and my children. They are crated indoor with air conditioner during the summertime, heater in the wintertime and when we are going out. 
    We feed our dogs with Energy Plus Sport Mix Premium daily, including the raw diet, at least twice weekly and provide the Calcium Vitamin D3 and fish oil, several times/weekly to assure their health are balanced, not emicated nor overweight and to maintain oil in their system. They take their wormers every month, and receive flea treatments, We use only either Frontline or Revolution. They have their annually vaccine/rabies shots and are examine by either from one of two different Veterinarians. #1) Kelly Bruner of Farm Road 113, Millsap, Tx 76066. She can be contact at (940) 328-4585, or  #2) Tad Jarrett of Brazos Animal Hospital at East Hubbard, Mineral Wells, Tx 76067. He can be contact at (940) 325-2273.

we are against Puppy Mills! We recommend you look into Animal shelters, and shepherd rescue in your region. There are SO many homeless dogs that want to be loved. Adopt!

​Po box  # 205
Millsap, TX 76066
940-468-3711 (VP)   
We are open from 8AM-8PM at Central Time. Please contact me at email and/or phone call, Thank you. 
Contact Info:
We reserve the right to refuse serve anyone.

Sale contract must be signed, received and accepted by us before the deposit can be made.

WE WILL NOT breed them until we have enough people on waiting list, so please contact us and sign up on waiting list for specific sire/dam's litter.
D.V.M Kelly Bruner of South Farm Market 113 Millsap Tx, 76066
     (940) 328-4585
D.V.M Tad Jarrett of Brazos Animal Hospital  Mineral Wells Tx, 76067
This is a proof that I DO NOT kennel my dogs, and they are socialize daily.
 D.O.B / /

Date / /

                                                                                                                             Sales Contract

I, ______________________________________________ , agree to purchase one [M] [F] German Shepherd puppies born      /       /     from [     stud    ]   [     dam      ] for a $          NONREFUNDABLE DEPOSIT and the remain balance of $          to be paid on or before [     date     ] pickup/delivery for a total of $              . Puppy comes with Full/Limited papers, [   ] vaccination, [   ] dewormers, dewclaws, puppy package (including : 1 flea treatment, a collar, toy, and puppy food), and 12 month health warranty, puppy will be free from any genetic defect. The buyer understands it is their responsibility to have their veterinarian inspect the new puppy within 48/72 hours of first business day from day of pick up/delivery. if buyer fails to do so, the contract will be void. If the puppy is confirm to be defect, we will need proof of the written document from their veterinarian before any refund/replacement will be arranged. If buyer wishes to keep ill/defect puppy buyer agree not to breed if injury/illness/defect puppy. When something happen to a puppy in our care. A full replacement or exchange for another puppy of current, or future litter will be offered at no additional cost.

  Bill of sale must be present at time of pick up/delivery to complete contract failure to do so results in void warranty.

  breeder is not responsible for the care or outcome of the buyers way to raise the puppy.

  Holding the puppy before 8 weeks must be paid in full by the 8th week of age unless otherwise have written agreement from breeder. Otherwise the buyer forfeit all include the deposit.

  Buyer agree to pay extra fee if puppy of their choice is asked to be holding in extend time, for boarding. $10 per week, [    ] week(s). $        for (2), (3) vaccination(s),          $         rabies and license.

  sales contract must be signed by licensed veterinarian and dated or the warranty is void.

  buyer understand and agree to send a picture of their dog at age of first year, for the wall of paws and may be post on the Sandlin's Shepherds web page.

  The buyer agree not to resell their puppy, if puppy is resold the contract and warranty is null and void. Unless consult with the breeder and rehome, there will be prosecuted.




  / / Payment:

  / / Payment:

  / / Payment:

  / / Payment:

Buyer's Veterinarian stated: